Become an expert on the US Entrenching Tools

A few selected benefits of the US Military and Experimental Entrenching Tools book include the following:

  • Learn about the US Army's persistent struggle to find the right balance between a tool's weight and its functionality.
  • Discover the army's solution to this enduring conundrum.
  • Appreciate the immense creativity and innovation displayed by these devices.
  • Learn to appreciate the value of an entrenching tool to the soldier when under fire.
  • Expand your knowledge of the tools available to the troops during the time period of your specialization.
  • View clear photographs of unusual and/or unique entrenching tools, many never before seen in print.
  • Learn new information about such reasonably well-known devices as Rice's trowel bayonet, Elliott's entrenching tools, the Ordnance entrenching tool, etc.
  • Use your newfound knowledge to purchase rare entrenching tools at reasonable prices.
  • Impress fellow collectors with your knowledge of entrenching tools from their inception during the Civil War to their essential culmination at the outbreak of World War 1.

Book Specifications

  • Hard cover, 8.5" x 11" with matching design on book cover
  • Printed on high quality, acid-free, gloss paper
  • Contains 286 pages with 544 photos with 303 color and 241 b/w photos

Table of Contents

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