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The U.S. Krag Bayonets is a must for all military and bayonet collectors. To date this book is the most definitive publication ever written on Krag bayonets. Over three years of research has produced a complete history on the development, manufacturing, field trials and results of these bayonets.” — Larry Thomas, Sr., Director of The American Military Edged Weaponry Museum

The U.S. Krag Bayonets is a long overdue, in depth look into this fascinating subject. It will certainly be recognized as the definitive work on the subject for generations to come. Beautifully laid out and full of period photos and blueprints, it is required reading for all bayonet collectors.” — Shawn Gibson, President of The Society of American Bayonet Collectors

The U.S. Krag Bayonets is the definitive work on the subject. While the Krag rifle was used by U.S. troops for only a relatively short number of years, it was used around the world as the United States grew into a global power. This scholarly work adds greatly to the study of the Krag during an interesting period in our history. It is a must have book for both Krag rifle and bayonet collectors.” — Scott Duff, Author and president of Scott A. Duff Publications

Sponsorship by The Company of Military Historians

The U.S. Krag Bayonets has received a prestigious honor for military history — sponsorship by The Company of Military Historians:

Washington, D.C., 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

The Company of Military Historians, through its Reviewing Board, takes pride in sponsoring The U.S. Krag Bayonets: History, Variations, Modifications, as a standard reference in American Military History.

Leslie D. Jensen,

Review Board:
David C. Cole,
Chairman Bruce S. Bazelon
Christopher J. Semancik
Dr. James A. Maddox

Official: David M. Sullivan,

Selections from Reviews in National/International Magazines

Man at Arms
Volume 31, No. 5 October 2009

“There are very few, if any, bayonet books out there that surpass this book on pure scholarship.”

“The quality of the research on this topic is excellent.”

“All of the materials used in its construction are top notch. The paper is heavy with a glossy, coated finish and doubtless was very expensive.”

“I would like to commend the author for including so many period photos of these bayonets (and often their rifles) in the hands of the men who served with them. In all, it makes for an excellent presentation and one that will be welcomed by all serious collectors of bayonets and U.S. Military hardware.”

The Journal of the Society of American Bayonet Collectors, Inc.
Volume 69 Fall 2009

“This impressive book is undoubtedly destined to be regarded in the long term as the classic and definitive work on the U.S. Krag bayonets.”

“The color photos of the bayonets and associated items are of high quality, and many interesting vintage photographs of personnel equipped with Krag rifles and bayonets are reproduced.”

Knife World
Volume 35, No. 10 October 2009

“The book is clearly written and easy to follow; it’s also filled with a multitude of data.”

“The collector will enjoy the clear color photographs (there are 350 of them) in addition to blueprints, which allow one to see all markings and dimensions clearly.”

“If a collector enjoys the Krag bayonet and purchases only one research book per year, well then, this is the book for him/her.”

“This book was printed in the USA. ... How refreshing!”

Tactical Knives
March 2010

“If there is anything I like, it is a detailed history of a specific weapon by an expert on the subject. When it comes to the Krag bayonet, Donald Hartman’s book fills that need perfectly.”

The Gun Report
Volume 55, No. 7 December 2009

“The group effort succeeded admirably as this is an extremely well designed and put together book.”

“Photography in this volume is superb! It is clear and concise. Photos correlate well with the text, and inclusion of periods photographs add to the overall presentation of information.”

“This is a great book! Not only is it a wonderful example of the prowess of the author and his family, it is an extremely well researched work that is lavishly illustrated.”

“Professionally presented, this volume will fill the niche in the library of any military student, or firearms collector.”