Become an expert on the U.S. Krag Bayonet

This book will enable you to:

  • Read the critical letters, documents, and endorsements relating to design, manufacture, and modification of this bayonet and scabbard
  • View hundreds of clear color photographs detailing variations in markings, blade designs and finishes, scabbard hook configurations, scales and rivets
  • Learn production numbers of service bayonet, cadet bayonet, bowie bayonet, and bolo bayonet
  • Learn the distinct characteristics of the varied scabbard models, and match the appropriate model scabbard to your knife bayonet
  • View several bayonet and scabbard blueprints
  • View the 1901 prototype of the Krag bolo bayonet, fabricated in the Philippines by Captain Hugh D. Wise
  • Discover the officers’ feelings about the experimental bowie and bolo bayonets by reading the almost ninety reports of the trials of these bayonets
  • Read the history of the Krag bayonet as used at West Point from 1895–1963
  • View and learn about several experimental bayonets utilizing the Krag style hilt

Book Specifications

  • Hard cover, 8.5" x 11" with matching design on book cover (or dustcover)
  • Printed on high quality, acid-free, gloss paper
  • Contains 332 pages with 261 full color and 114 b/w or 70% full color and 30% b/w

Table of Contents

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